Welcome to Poppenhausen/Wasserkuppe!

Here you can discover the very best of the Rhön region.

Do you sometimes feel you want to switch off completely, relax and recharge your batteries? If so, you will love what lies in store for you in Poppenhausen/Wasserkuppe.

It all starts with an idyllic climatic spa set amid the Rhön Mountains. A place of outstanding natural beauty, the town’s location in this magnificent valley ensures that a pleasant, healthy climate prevails at all times.

Here you can discover the best of the Rhön region.

And this applies not just to the air conditions but also to the tranquil atmosphere of Poppenhausen itself.

As you will see, this is the ideal starting point for a restful yet fascinating holiday from which to discover the unique natural treasures of the Rhön.

Landscapes which work a magical spell
Landscapes which work a magical spell

A dazzling sea of flowers stretches before you, with brightly coloured butterflies dancing at the wayside and the unmistakable fragrance of aromatic grasses and blossoms hanging in the air.

You gaze out into the distance, enjoying a superb view far off into the horizon ...

The Rhön is the ‘land of open distances’, a magnificent landscape, lovingly tended by its inhabitants, featuring a diverse range of rare flora and fauna as well as a wealth of outstanding natural treasures.

The Hochrhön is unique with its vast meadows, as are the area’s upland moors, ancient beech forests, pastures, natural streams and mountains such as the Milseburg, where the Celts once lived ...

These are not the only reasons why the Rhön has been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The area also gives visitors something which is very rare in our day and age:

A landscape in which mankind and nature have long enjoyed a harmonious connection with each other.

This is something you can discover for yourself at all times of the year and with all five senses. Take the time to do so - it really is worth it!

Truly authentic

Things to discover in the biosphere reserve

Biosphere reserves are valuable landscapes of outstanding biodiversity whose main characteristic is that mankind has lived and worked in harmony with the landscape and natural surroundings over a long period of time.

Here in the Rhön biosphere reserve we can offer you something which people elsewhere admire greatly: a wealth of creative initiatives and projects. And they all have important goals: making the conservation of nature and modern life mutually compatible, preserving the Rhön’s cultural landscape and acting in ways which make ecological sense.

Whether it’s the Rhön sheep, an organic bakery, a country butcher or a goat farmer, whether collaborative partnerships between hoteliers and farmers, authentic accommodation facilities such as the ‘rhön indianer hotel’ or holiday apartments geared especially towards children or the elderly, in Poppenhausen you will discover variety, inspiration and authenticity everywhere you go.